Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Before the End of the Month

I must get another post done on this sadly neglected Blog 😧

My August has been full of activities starting off  with my Annual stint at the Festival of Quilts, helping out my lovely friends from New Zealand
Kids Quilts Stand
I arrived by train just after 8am and headed straight to the Exhibition for a quick browse before the show actually opened .

I took many photos. There were many more quilts this year and I have to say that the standard of work was exceptional
Here are just a few of my favourites



My favourite
A4 quilts made by Cancer survivors
A great display of the 365 Challenge quilts

 And the best in show - Philippa Naylor does it again

to show the scale

 It was a good job that I arrived early because we were so busy on Thursday that I didn't manage to leave the stall at all!
Friday started just as busy and then ....... I got the call

Emily Fia arrived on Friday morning weighing in at 8lbs 12oz

 she is adorable and is already stolen our hearts

So I left the show on Saturday afternoon and headed over to meet the newest member of our family

Proud Grandma

 I promise - no more baby photos!

I have also started an new scrappy quilt project
This time in more Autumnal colourways

All of the centre blocks are made and I am ready to start the border blocks

And as I had not done any sewing for .... ages and we had a good reason to pop a cork, this was my sewing refreshment!!

The southern part of the family arrived for a few days, and Little Miss O and I made her Daddy a birthday cake.  She however was more interested in this...
She also brought all of her school uniform for the labels to be sewn in.  26 items!!!  All for a 4 year old! 

We have been harvesting some of the Bramley Apples from our tree

         And there are still loads to pick so I will be busy busy busy                                         

I have finished August Mini Mania Challenge but the big reveal is not until tomorrow so you will have to wait to see.

I am now off to clear up the 5 broken glass baubles that have shattered when my Light Tree just fell over!

And I have made myself a promise that I will do more posts on here in future - where does the time go?


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

July Antics

 On a lovely July day a group of friends and I  took a leisurely train ride up to visit the city of York

view down the River Ouse
The weather was just right, nice and sunny, but not too hot.  We had no particular plan, just to meander around the streets and enjoy the sights. One of our group despite her advancing years had never been to the city before. 

We hadn't ventured too far before we felt the need for refreshments so a detour into Kennedy's ( one of my favourite haunts) for a bite of lunch

 Which went down very well
 Then off we went again. 

We did walk the prettiest section of the city walls which takes you around the back of the Minster

Then a visit to the Minster itself.

I love this building

 York Minster has the largest collection of pre Reformation stained glass, some of which date back to the 12 century! 

One of my favourite parts is the Chapter House - a circular room within the Minster where the day to day business of the Minster was run. It has this fantastic tiled floor

and an incredible vaulted ceiling

 My photo of the whole space was... rubbish,  so I have borrowed this

from Flickr
We wandered quietly ( which is good, because I had an awful case of laryngitis and could make no sound) for several hours. A wonderful place of peace and reflection.

No visit to York would be complete without a visit to Betty's Tearoom  in St Katherine's Place , where afternoon tea was served just as it should be.

Two lovely Chinese ladies sat at the table next to us and much fun was had demonstrating how to use a tea strainer and the correct way to load the scone with jam and cream. Their English was very good and we chatted about the Chinese perception of English people (how wrong that is!) and where they were from in China. Luckily I happened to glance at my watch and realised we only just had time to get to the station for our return journey home. 

A great day out that I am sure will be repeated.

I have not got much sewing dome this month, but the renovations have now been done
 (1st phase 😳 )and DD and SIL have now settled in.

I did make this little caddy  at our group
 But I failed miserably at the July New York Beauty Mini Mania Challenge. August's Challenge has been set ( Seaside)  and I have started that in earnest and hope to get back to the NYB too this month

 There is much excitement close to where I live as the long awaited Rushden Lakes development has now opened. 

 Everyone knows that I am not a shopper, but the Lakes has a lovely open feel to it and I can think of many worse places to spend an afternoon.

there is a Boardwalk area overlooking the lake, and you can hire a pedalo, kayak or canoe if you want to venture out on the water.
 The development is a step away from a large area of lakes and walks that are a designated area of Special Scientific Interest.
This was the view that we had (minus the vehicles!) at our wedding reception  37 years ago, when the Skew Bridge Ski Club was using the site.

 A few purchases may have been made. Well, it would be rude not to 😜

 Mr T has been busy in the garden building a bin store for the ugly wheelie bins that our council uses.

Plants have been purchased

 et voilà our Bin Store with a Green Roof

 As I said, not much sewing but three knitting finishes ready for the arrival of Grandchild number 3

which will be Darling Daughter's first so there is much excitement and preparation but hopefully he/she will not make an appearance before Sunday as I am doing my annual stint at the
Festival of Quilts working on the

Kids Quilts stand with my friends from New Zealand.

I feel a purchase may be imminent😳

We shall see what new treats they have to show us.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

I Need a Rest!!!

not too much sewing has been going on at my house lately. We are still helping out DD & SIL prepare their new house for the move.

I did however break out a new (well, had it ages but not used it) toy to make two more blocks for a stalled project.

It is a "Sew Straight Seam Guide" by Quilt in a Day.  It is designed to sew a 1/4" diagonal seam without drawing a guide line. Got it out - read the instructions and then decided to go old school and use a pencil and ruler, as all the other blocks had been made this way and I did not want any deviation in measurement at this point!.

 So i got those blocks made and  added them to the other 7 that had been hanging in my studio for ..... two years!!!
 I had been going to make my bed quilt with these, but had decided that it was just too fussy for my liking.
 The blocks are 16" and this quilt top now measures 62" square. The pieced backing is coming on nicely and I will machine quilt it soon - I hope!

Between the renovations we had a short trip to Tenby in South Wales.

A 4 1/2hour trip on one of the hottest days of the year with no AC in the car (needs fixing - just no time to leave the car at the garage!) was not the most pleasant, but as we crossed the Severn Bridge we knew we only had about an hour left.
 And we were not disappointed. Tenby is a beautiful little town that has not been spoiled by the fact it is a popular seaside resort.
our hotel

the view from our room

 A lovely church

 Which hosted a Choral Concert in aid of a local charity

 And some fabulous stained glass

 We have have indulged in some local yummies
 whilst watching the changing view. It was hot and sunny, but as the sun went down a sea mist rolled in and the island completely diasappeared!

from the gardens near the museum
 We spent some time in the Tudor Merchants House (an NT property) built just before 1500AD the National trust have recreated the rooms to looks as they may have done in that time

 the lower floor was used as a shop and trading place and the upper two floors weer accessed by an outside staircase (now incorporated in an adjoining building).

 Can you see the strings stretched across the bed - hence the "Sleep Tight" wished at bedtime

 It was a lovely morning spent wandering around. The house originally stood in its own grounds with a large productive garden and a clear view across the busy trading port, but now many other buildings have been squeezed in and there is only a small courtyard garden and no sea view! 

 In Tenby, the RNLI have a small but FULL second-hand bookshop to help raise funds. I do feel they would sell more books if you could actually get in the shop!!

 Anyway, back home it was time for the Mini Mania Challenge June reveal.
This month we were only to use 1 1/2" strips to create 4 or more blocks.

A quick design was scribbled out 

and my quilt was made up in a jiffy.

 But I think that the July Challenge will take a bit more time -  New York Beauty is on the Agenda!

All the family were staying with is for a few days and we headed over to see what Grafham Water had to offer - it is only a couple of miles from DD's new house.
 Apart from miles of cycle and walking paths, a water-sport and cycling centre and a good coffee shop - there was a very nice sandpit playground, which all of the kids enjoyed!!!!
 It has been soooooo warm lately and when we got back it was definitely time to cool off
who needs a posh pool! 😂
 Meanwhile I may have overdone it in the garden ..........
how did I manage that?!!!💪💪💪