Thursday, 22 September 2016

Getting a Little Bit Excited !

 The local group that I belong to hand been given a bunch of these dolls to dress and be added to the shoe box appeal, so quite a bit of time was spent making a dress to fit the doll. 

 After a couple of false starts I decided that this one on a yolk was the best fit.  So I cut out the 14 that were needed ( yes those scraps still in use!!)

 With the help of the ladies at group, all were made up and now I just have to add the buttonholes to finish them off.

 I have finished my Tamdou shawl. And I am very happy with it. A lovely pattern to work and the yarn is very soft and squishy.

 I've also made half a pair of finger-less mitts  with some more lovely yarn

 Nearly done this sweet little jacket for Master L. 

Not so much sewing this week as the garden has required quite a bit of attention.

Why is it that we have had no ripe tomatoes all summer and now they are coming red thick and fast!

Well, we can only eat so many salads so I have roasted some off and have made lots of pasta sauce to freeze and though I say it myself - it is VERY tasty!

 We have had another trip down to see the babies and on Saturday we went on a Yarn Bomb hunt.

There is a group of ladies local to the area that several times a year, yarn-bomb several sites .          This time was to celebrate the 100th birthday of Roald Dahl.

James and the Giant Peach

The Enormous Crocodile



It is lovely to go on a hunt for these little works of art and they are becoming very popular, with people queuing to take selfies with them.  They will be auctioned off in a couple of weeks and the monies all go to a local charity.  Lots of work but fabulous!

 I have been looking at some little dress kits that will be on sale at an event this weekend, but not sure that I want to spend such a large amount and was wondering if I could make it up myself, when I had the chance to use this book that has a pattern of  just what I want in it!!! Karma

The excited bit ?
The time has come ........

I am off to Yarndale this weekend - which will be a colourfest to say the least .  I am going wit a bunch of girly friends so there will me much merriment too.

Expect to be bombarded with photos next time !!

Saturday, 10 September 2016

August Mini Reveal - and a New Arrival!

 The August Mini Mania Challenge subject was Dresden Plate - a minimum of 3 Dresdens - any size up to 24" finished.



Dee's - very Olympicesque

My Mini measured 8 1/2" x 7 1/2"   with each of the plates measuring 2 1/4" across

Janie had not got hers completed ( she has spent most of the month holidaying abroad!) 
 but this will be finished shortly

 So another great turnout from the Mini Group

I am just about to cut out the pieces for a wreath from this book - well actually I will be cutting 4 sets and handing them to Sister 2 - her Niece and Darling Daughter , to get the prep work done before we all meet up to make up the finished wreath.  I have been very nice to Hubby so hopefully he will help with the tracing and cutting.......

 I have sped along with the latest knit project
Lovely Alpaca/Silk yarn
 I hope to get this one finished over the (very wet so far) weekend

I did manage to get 108 lavender bags made for my friend's stand at Burghley Horse Trials

I am also in the process of using more scrap fabrics to make some Reading Cushions for sale at a Save The Children shop. 

and have spent several days, piecing these scraps together so cushion construction can begin.
It's surprising how time can whizz by whilst sewing and listening to a talking book. Before I knew where I was - one book down and enough fabric to make 15 of the cushions! 

And yet that scrap box is still overflowing!!!

All this whilst we were on standby in case we were needed to take care of Little Miss O when mummy went into hospital to deliver .........

Our new Grandson!!!

 Leo Anthony Stefan Barnett - Welcome to our Family

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Busy Busy Busy

But not much sewing done for a couple of weeks.  We had visitors for a week, and they needed some R&R after a 30 hour trip from the other side of the world.  Luckily the weather was good for relaxing in the garden,  and after a couple of days we hopped on a train to York for a stroll around those ancient streets.

First port of call was Kennedy's for Lunch
 Then we meandered around the city before Climbing up to walk around the city walls

York Minster - which took 250 years to build!!!
 A quick coffee break and then down to the Museum Gardens and an Ice Cream by the river
 Finishing the city wall walk back down to the station.
Our friends from New Zealand
I just love York Station
 More pottering at home and local trips finishing the week with a trip to Foxton Locks

 It's funny how we take these things for-granted.  Our visitors have never seen anything like this. and David was intrigued as to how the locks operated. A kind boat owner allowed him to help operate the locks as the boat went down the run of 12 locks moving the narrow-boats down a 75 foot drop.

And then off to Birmingham to set up for Festival of Quilts

nearly set up

the finished stand
 Considering we were there for five days in total, it was only on the last day that I had time to walk around to snap some pictures of my favourite quilts

There were lots of Medallion style quilts  which took my eye

I think this was my favourite

Who wouldn't love Chocolate and Strawberries

 A friend - Angela - had her Anja Townrow quilt on display
 This was a pattern series from Fabrications magazine
1" pieces!
A Friendship quilt

Best in Show
 The next quilts are all miniatures

6" x 8" finished

 Borrowed a hand to show the scale!

6" x 8"

 All so tiny - they need to be seen to appreciate the work.

Lots of demonstrations and classes

And we certainly deserved one of these at the end of the day!

 But this was the piece that kept drawing me back

 Normal fabric so cleverly quilted.

 Just fabulous. I keep looking at the photos and am still in awe

 Comfort was resorted to whilst working on the stand

 Sunday saw it all taken down and the journey home

there seems to be much luggage -???
 And I only purchased a reel of thread!!

Feet up and a cure all

 In those few days the garden had gone mad
all varieties of courgette

 A quick visit to see catch up with the family
a much needed paddle
 And then some VERY long overdue quilting for Sister 3.  she had appliqued this huge piece and had asked if I could quilt it for her.
I must confess that it had been put in the cupboard and completely forgotten about.

But it is finished now.

I must say - I am rather impressed!