Thursday, 19 January 2017

Okay Okay Okay......

 I swear that I have been busy and that is my excuse for not posting here for over a month!

I have noticed that lots of people have stalled as far as Blogging is concerned. Is Blogging now out of fashion?  I see that many post on Instagram regularly, and that platform is so much quicker to use, but I am hoping that my favourites do come back to Blogger soon. 

But I'm back now.

A quick re cap of the Festive period included some frantic knitting to finish this shawl as a gift for a non knitting neighbour
 Far too much time making beaded baubles to add to my little light tree

 Packing the car up for the trip down south to spend Christmas with the Essex family

We truly could not get anything else in the car! 
 Well - except for Darling Daughter who traveled with us because SIL had to work on Christmas day.  Luckily he arrived in Essex in time for a scrumptious Christmas lunch

 The full contents of my very first Advent Calendar
 Look out for the new me in 2017!

A beautiful Boxing day spent walking on the beach
 some.... refreshments on the front
 A cold but beautiful day

 Bank Holiday Tuesday saw the ladies of the family trot off to London to see Disney's  Frozen on Ice.

And the Boys?  Well Three Men and a Baby   - and I know there was a pub involved 😟😲 and I can't say anything more!

We traveled back home on the Wednesday after 4 full days of fun and laughter and after unpacking, we felt the need to sit in the chair and stare into space - for hours !!😅😳😳😳

I had promised a friend that I would make two of the story cushions ready for her grand children

Done and delivered

 I have been knitting another wrap/shawl/scarf and it went very well. Then came (my first) applied border. Well that took .....ages. I think it was 28 repeats of a 20 row pattern.
 and it kept on and on and on
 But I did finish and am very pleased with the results.

 We had a crochet group meet up last week and I have started a scrappy blanket using all the leftover balls of Style-craft special yarn that is filling my basket. It will take a while, but I enjoy hooking away whilst watching the TV.
 Our Mini Mania group had two months to complete the latest challenge. 48 days later and I really must get started! 

 In one day I started piecing, layered quilted and bound this Mini Quilt. The big reveal will be at the end of the month
 I am hoping that the quilting will hide a multitude of sins 😜

 At the weekend we are again off to see Little Miss 😇 and Master 🦁  We are in charge for a couple of days so Monday will be written off in a coma!!

 He has grown so much in the past three weeks!! 

 That my friends is wot I did in the 'olidays!

Promise to be back soon 😉

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Lots Still To Do!!

 Why is it we are NEVER prepared for the Christmas period?
It's not as if the date changes each year 😕

 Anyway, I have finished three of the many baubles that I would like to make

 And some Lemon and Lime curds that will be gifts

 Blocking a shawl that will also be a gift
 And frogged another because I didn't like how it was working up. I'm now trying another pattern - but still not so sure 😟

At the weekend I offered to 'run up' another of the felt wreaths. This has to be finished by tomorrow, as it will be passed on to be taken out to Dubai for Christmas.
won't start panicking till tonight!
 Spent a lovely weekend with the southerners and Sunday morning saw us making footprints in the sand and blowing cobwebs away before brunch on a windy but beautiful day.
 Before Sister 3 went off to the US for the winter, she gave instructions that Sister 2 and myself were to open the parcels left on December 1st, and together. So we did.

I have NEVER had an advent calendar before!  It is so exciting ! ( I do lead a quiet life)

 Guess what was in the first door ....... 😂

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

A Week Of Birthday Celebrations

 But first - the pudding making was a month late but HAD to be done before the family arrived.

All steamed up
 And finishing up some things that needed packing away from little fingers
 A finished angel. I said that this would be the ONLY one I made but little fingers loved it and because I can't say no I now need to make another one for me!

 I had made a whole bunch of story cushions that at last have been passed to Save The Children for sale in their Woodstock shop

using lots of scraps
We have eaten out with so many different friends this week, that I don't think we will need to eat now till Christmas!
Saturday came and Mr T was allowed to leave us all to our own devices whilst he went off to play golf.  So off to Beckworth Emporium to partake in some ice skating,

 The temporary rink this year was at least twice the size they normally have and was very well organised.

 No accidents this time (thank goodness) and it was great fun ( for me to watch, as I was left in charge of the baby)

Watching was just exhausting!
 It does worry me a little, how at home Little Miss is when we go into a bar!
more food!

 Monday saw us take a good walk down the lane to feed the ducks and swans

 And this is the reaction when she realised we had to walk BACK up the lane!
 But was easily persuaded (or negotiated with) and we made it back in one piece.  They have a two hour journey to get home and we were advised that she slept ALL the way!

 Today was the big reveal of the Mini Mania Challenge. This month was Applique, any method, but must include at least one flower and one creature.
I have to confess that mine was made in a rush YESTERDAY!  A bit of raw edge applique using Liberty Lawn scraps. 
 Now that the Big Man has had his BIG birthday we can get onto the preparations for Christmas - but first I need to sleep for several days to recover! 

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Some makes

 Starting with the October Mini Mania Challenge.

This month it was "Josephs Coat"

Any way you wanted to interpret

Many Colours was the first thing that came to my mind, so out came that dreaded scrap box and slicing little strips
 and piecing

 I really must stop listening to audio books when I am sewing. I just happily sliced and joined and ended up with enough little 4 patch's to make a rather large quilt!

Joining them all together into a Josephs Ladder  was going to be my Mini .......
Then I remembered that this block is Jacob's Ladder - but Hey Ho! They were brothers, weren't they?

Half way though the quilting I noticed that one of the 4 patches was the wrong way round! - but managed to unpick and re-insert without undoing the quilting
 And my Joseph's Coat is complete

 and some from the other members

 I was meeting up with some family members to make a felt Christmas Wreath, and had a lovely little message from my darling Niece, asking if it was too early for Mince Pies. She loves my homemade Mince Meat,  so a big batch of that, and some pies were produced.

 I love it  when she say's "I am going to limit myself to just 4 pies!" 
 and she is such a skinny girl! 

 Anyway, lots of pre-meet prep had taken place, so we all cracked on with making the bits to add to our wreath
 And with a final flurry, we all finished, with maybe a little tweaking to be done at home.

I have been tidying my fabric stocks, and found a fat 1/4 bundle of flannel fabrics that I purchased when we were visiting Sister 3  (two years ago!) so when Mr T was playing golf, I rustled up this simple rag quilt for Baby Leo
Added the finishing touches to Little Miss' poncho
couldn't decide which colour buttons - so used them all!
Some decorative beaded baubles are on the cards again. This one was a kit purchased from Spellbound Beads - Swags and Tails. I love this design, and hope to make more before we get the tree out.

 I have been making a shawl for Sister 1 using some wool/silk blend lace yarn, but just was not happy with how the thing was working up. Anyway - I bit the bullet and frogged all that I had done ( and there was a lot - in lace!) and doubled the yarn up and began again.

I could say that I had won the Yarn Chicken game - but truthfully - I had to tink back 4 rows to complete the picot edge. I am happy with the final result, (which is blocking as I write) and hope that my sister will be too. 
even had to fudge the last picot with just this to spare!
 I'm not quite sure how October came and went without me making my Christmas Puddings, but it did, so this week that is what has been bubbling away in my kitchen. One bumper one, as all my family will be together for Christmas, and some more for people who are especially nice to me
Image result for wink emoji

 Now onto November's Mini Mania Challenge. This month will see applique, and I have made a ....... start, but must finish before the weekend is out because we have a very busy week ahead, and a BIG birthday for someone.......