Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A BIG Finish!!!!

 There has been as much sewing as I could fit in over the past couple of weeks
 Of course none done over the family visiting at Easter but luckily Mr T had a couple of days on the golf course so, sew I did,  until lots of pretty fabrics were joined to make up the backing for my new quilt.

And the a bit of surgery to replace to replace one of the sashings that was the same as the next one - only spotted when I posted the photo in my last post 😧

Yards of leftover bits were sewn to make up the binding

And off the quilt went to my friend who had offered to quilt the beastie on her long arm machine
After much angst choosing the design - I chose Tahitian Pearl by Urban Elementz
In a trice it was done!  (though I know it took hours to sew. Half and hour for each row!)

 After several more hours sewing down the binding - it's on my bed!!!
repeated spotty strip replaced😌
 I L.O.V.E it!!!😍😍😍

 It looks so nice that I fear we may have to sleep in the spare room so as not to spoil the effect 😜

I also vastly overestimated the amount of binding that I would need when sewing those scraps together so now I have more than enough left to bind another quilt in the same fabrics. But that must wait for a while.
how big did I think the quilt was???

At the same time as getting the quilt finished, I have been madly trying to get the crochet border done on these pretty squares....
only 4 to go
I need this crochet project done, as I have seen another item that I am dying to have a try at (my crochet is not my best feature πŸ˜‰)

AND .... I have pieced lots of little squares that will make up a Puff Quilt backing for a quilt top for Little Miss to put in her Wigwam

all ready for the stuffing.
And....... I have finished my Mini Mania Challenge for April ( this month was Triangles)
and the reveal for that will be on Sunday with our new Challenge given on Monday.

 At my local quilt group this week we had a visiting speaker, who told us all about her involment with the Dress a child Charity. She showed us lots of pretty Pillowcase dresses that she had made, and several photos of the children in Uganda that were wearing her dresses.

 Each of the dresses has an embroidered label form the organisation. It is a horrifying fact that these little girls feel safe when wearing a labeled dress as the men avoid hurting them. They think the label means someone is protecting them 

She also had some photos of little boys wearing shorts that are sent too.

 And then I spotted some of the shorts that I had made !!!
lets face it - my choice of fabric mix!
at the moment I am finishing of 48 more pairs , though they are not so colourful as these.

I am hoping to take some had sewing with me when we head off to sunnier climes in a couple of weeks.  ( its a good job I set the Challenge each month πŸ˜‰)

With the family.

 All of them. 

Do I really think that any sewing will get done?? 

We shall see πŸ™„πŸ™„

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

So Much To Do !

 At this time of the year!

I did finish my March Mini Mania in plenty of time. This month it was Tessellations. 
 I failed miserably when working out how many pieces of each fabric was needed.....
So I used all the extras and pieced the back too!
 Lots going on in the garden. Repairing our garden shed was top of the list when Mr T out his foot through the floor!
We had a spot where water had been getting in, and as the floor was covered in carpet tiles ( who doesn't carpet their shed floor?😜) the little drip drip drip didn't dry up 😱
Anyway, a big clear out was long overdue and then onto replacing the floor. Just as the last panel went in we realised that water was getting between the roofing felt so ......... new roof covering followed. Our shed is at the very bottom of the garden, and backs onto another garden, so we never actually get to see the back of the shed.
When Mr T was re roofing he spotted a couple of panels of wood had somewhat warped and was worried that water may get in there too, so more wood ordered and re-cladding the back of the shed continued.

Its a bit like Triggers broom the shed has been there for 35 years but I'm not sure exactly how much of the original is there🀣🀣🀣

But it is done.

And then comes the replacing the garden fence (not ALL of it thank goodness).
But the new fence looks good and we have added another compost bin (a very good friend kindly swapped this for a wormery) and that part of the garden is now sorted.

already starting to fill too!
The new bed has been planted up with strawberries

 I think I will have enough tomatoes to supply Tesco

 Splitting some of the Hosta's ready to go to DD's new garden

 I like to keep some of the named varieties in pots in case the labels in the garden go missing

And despite our Bramley Apple tree having a VERY severe pruning, it has graciously produces many blossoms, so I am hopeful of a good crop this year.

 Some of last years apples have gone into a pie baking session.
this one is for an old friend

 The baking and food prep session is ready for another visit from the family.

They were here for a few days last week and a trip to Stanwick lakes without her wellies did not stop Little Miss O from having a great time in the (FREEEZING) water.
 We did manage to persuade her to keep her cardi on. She was soaked through but very happy when we eventually pulled her out on the promise of an ice cream!

It was also reveal week for Higham Piecemakers Christmas Challenge  

I had made my block into a bag . I used the Ethel Bag Pattern (free)  and used the same Cotton Duck to make it a bit more sturdy.   I think this will go to a friend who is having a Quilt Exhibition and sales table for her church in June

Four of us got together to have a beady day and I made this pretty bauble to go with the collection
 More progress has been made on the crochet blanket and I spent a while in the sun in the garden sewing the ends in.  I think I am about halfway with this blanket, and I do like to sew the ends as I go.

And then there is the quilt.

The pieces are getting bigger.

And the quilt top is now finished!  Yay!! 
Oh No!! two strips next to each other - Surgery required!!!

I am hoping to have this one quilted on a Long Arm machine because I think it is too big for me to handle.  there are 90 of the 6"  9 patch blocks and they are all different.
I have used fabrics from 3 or 4 ranges of Bonnie and Camille fabrics in this but there is still quite a bit left over so after the family visit I have a quest to use all of the leftovers, plus some of the white that I have used on the front, to piece that backing. 😳 As you do. 

Thursday, 30 March 2017

I Have a Plan

Many months (well over two years) ago, when I stopped working full time, I had decided that one of the first things that I would be doing with all my new found free time, would be to make a new quilt for MY bed.

I started off well and have made 9 - 16" blocks ( each of the different) from some of my favourite fabrics by Bonnie and Camille , two Moda designers. 

I do love the blocks, but they have been hanging in my work-space since then because I didn't actually want to see them on the bed. Just a bit too fussy for me.

And then I saw a picture of a pattern that was going to be included in a Scrappy Project Journal that was coming on sale. But that was $40!!!  I certainly would not use the journal (far to organised) but I did like the look of the quilt, so I drew up the size that I thought would work and used the pile of fabrics to make up a test block.

And I love it
so in just over a week of fairly consistent sewing

chain piecing for England

With the pieces getting larger

Testing the layout

I am now the proud owner of 90  x 9" blocks ready to make into my quilt. It is all very random but I can positively say that no two blocks are the same!

In between this sewing marathon, I took a day out to spend with No2 sister on a trip to see our Auntie who is now 84.  She lives in Wales so the journey is about 4and 1/4 hours tone way.  After a quick cup of tea off we went (with Auntie driving!!) to a nearby hotel for a very nice lunch , and where we all caught up on the family gossip news, and of course,  to hear about the several operations and two car right offs that have occurred since last we saw her 😲
It was funny how often I saw my Mum (but not so scary!!πŸ˜‚) in her as she put the world to rights. She is full of fun and laughter and the day was a real treat.

The quilt making was also put on hold so that I could complete my Higham Piecemakers Christmas Challenge!  Given out in December and due in on Monday! 

I had made my block up and had decided what item I would make from the block, just had to actually get on with it.

 Mr T was off playing golf for the day, so I got up and cracked on with it.

Done. And. Dusted.

And so was my sewing space

proof I had been busy

The big reveal is on Monday so you will have to wait for a few days more.

Last week at HP a lovely lady came to show us how to make a Stumpwork Portrait.

Not really my kind of thing but I thought that I would give it a go anyway.

We had such fun making these and I was not horrified at the final result.

Darling Daughter has passed the halfway stage with her first pregnancy and Saturday saw us in Lincoln for the day - pram shopping

SIL test driving
Which was fun (and expensive!) and when they started sorting out the car seat I had to go lie down. Who knew there were so many rules and choices? 

I wish I had a picture of the look on their faces when told that they were just put in a carry cot on the back seat 😳
Didn't do them any harm did it?

Friday, 17 March 2017

A Day Out

On an (almost) spur of the moment, and after three hard days in the garden, we decided that would would take a trip out. But where to go?  I have quite a number of places on my list, but this week we chose Oxford. Its about an hour run out to this historic city, and we used te excellent Park and Ride system to get into the heart of town.

There are so many beautiful buildings here - we certainly are not about the shopping!   

But one that was on my list to visit was "The Radcliffe Camera" which was built to house the Radcliffe Science Library. 
designed by James Gibbs in neo-classical style and built in 1737–1749
So we rock up to book a ticket for one of the guided tours only to find that they only take place on Wednesday Friday and Saturday 😞 and we were there on Thursday πŸ˜’ so back on my list of "things to see" it goes until we get back, maybe in the summer!

 So we just wandered around the city popping in and out of some of the buildings that were open on a Thursday πŸ™„

Opposite the "Camera" is the University Church of St Mary The Virgin,

 Which was VERY well heated for a church! 

 After a stop for a bite of lunch,  more wandering, this time around the Bodleian Library area.

 Then into another little church - this time the Anglo-Saxon St Michael at the Northgate, Oxfords oldest building, originally built around 1000–1050, with the tower from 1040 still in existence.

Which was charmingly simple. 
 The Lady's chapel a little more ornate

 William Morris (the artist and designer of beautiful fabrics) was married here in 1859.

the original Saxon Tower

the easiest way to get around the city!

A fabulous Magnolia just beginning to bloom
 Lots of the Oxford buildings were used in the Harry Potter films (of which I have seen none!) but I did recognise many sites of foul murder that appeared in the Morse seriesπŸ˜‚

We were there longer than we thought, and rather than get caught up in commuter traffic ( all those bikes)  we stopped at a tea shop for a little refreshment before we headed home

couldn't resist πŸ˜‹

Back at home I have caught up on some sewing - but most of it is a secret so will have to wait for a bit.  I did pull the fabrics for my March Mini Mania  - the colours were chosen for us
 And I have finished my Tessellation quilt with over two weeks to spare!  My math skills were appalling when working out how many pieces of each were needed so the extras were sewn together to make the backing, so I am not unhappy about that. 
 It is quilted and bound ready for the reveal at the end of the month.
Now I will get back to another UFO on my (very long) list .